Ivan Mobile Developer Faiustov
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01 objective

Software development, software design, quality assurance, quality control, requirements analysis, networking.

I am enthusiastic, efficient and highly motivated individual with 12+ years working experience in the IT Industry. I am seeking a position to apply my skills and abilities in the IT industry that offers professional growth to a resourceful, innovative and flexible professional.

  • Excellent team player, leader, ready to take the new challenges.
  • Flexible and keen.
  • Ability to take responsibility, to work under pressure and in a busy environment.
  • I enjoy and thrive upon challenges both inside and outside the working environment.

02 skill set

Below is the just a short list of the skill set I have. If you want to learn more, please download the full version of my CV here.

Application Development

Application Profiling

Application Design

Test automation

Requirements Analysis


Team Management

Network Analysis

Stakeholder Engagement

03 experience

My main goal has always been to develop functional and creative solutions that go far beyond the expectations of my clients. With an ever growing list of happy clients, my work can speak for itself.

JUL 2022 MAR 2023

Contract Mobile Developer

During my time at ASB, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including mobile app development and backend development. As part of the mobile app team, I led the development of new features and maintained the ASB mobile banking app, leveraging new technology stacks such as SwiftUI. I played a critical role in the development of several important features for the bank, including the SBI365 project (7 day payment processing), future-dated transfers, and the expansion of the financial wellbeing section of the app. Through my leadership and contributions, I ensured that ASB's customers had access to a reliable, secure, and user-friendly banking app.

JUL 2020 JUL 2022

Contract Mobile Developer

At Fiserv, I helped clients to develop and maintain their banking apps. I led the development of multiple banking applications across iOS and Android for US and Canada based organisations. I was responsible for mentoring junior developers, providing technical guidance and support. I also set up and maintained pipelines for mobile app development using Jenkins, which helped streamline the development process and improve overall efficiency.

AUG 2017 JUL 2020

Contract Mobile Developer

Collaborated closely with the IB and API teams to deliver a high-quality product. During my 3-year contract, I provided technical leadership and guidance to the development team, overseeing tasks such as app migration to a new architecture, app redesign, and onboarding of new developers. I also played a key role in talent acquisition, leading interviews to help Kiwibank fill various mobile developer positions. Through my leadership and mentorship, I helped to cultivate a strong and productive development team that consistently delivered exceptional results.

JUN 2016 AUG 2017

Contract Mobile Developer

Contributed to the development and refinement of various app components. Notable achievements include my involvement in the PIC (Payments Industry Compliance) programme, the redesign of Transfers and Payments, and the implementation of Apple Pay. I also played a key role in converting the existing codebase into the MVVM architecture and adopting RxSwift. Through my contributions, I helped to ensure that goMoney for iOS remained a high-quality and user-friendly mobile banking app.

AUG 2014 JUN 2016

Mobile Developer

As a mobile developer, I worked on several projects that involved collaborating with clients directly. I also had the opportunity to lead some of these projects. Throughout my work, I gained extensive experience working with a wide range of technologies and frameworks, including CoreData, CoreAnimation, AFNetworking, AVFoundation, In App Purchases, Push Notifications, and more. By leveraging my technical skills and interpersonal abilities, I was able to successfully deliver high-quality products that met clients' needs and exceeded their expectations.

JUL 2011 AUG 2014

Mobile Developer

As a software developer, I participated in several mobile development projects, working on a range of iOS applications designed for different device families, including Apple TV (2nd gen), iPad, and iPhone. Throughout my work, I utilised numerous third-party libraries, tools, and frameworks, such as ffmpeg, libsmbclient, CoreBluetooth, AVFoundation, CFNetwork, CoreAudio, CoreGraphics, libsqlite, and more. By leveraging these tools and my technical skills, I was able to deliver high-quality products that were optimised for specific device types and that met the unique needs of each project.

04 education

Think I'd be a great fit for your next project? Contact me here.

december 2014

Whitireia New Zealand

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology.

december 2013

Povolzsky State University of Telecommunications and Informatics

Specialist in IT (4 years full-time).

05 service

With my background in software development and testing you’re about to get so much more than a just a mobile app.

Software Development

I build apps for both iOS and OS X, using either native development tools such as Xcode and Objective-C or Xamarin for the cross platform apps.

Software QA

I have a strong background in software testing in mobile and desktop areas. With experience in working with the wide range of platforms and technologies, I'm able to utilize both manual and automation testing techniques. Strong experience in creating test documentation, such as test plans, test strategies, test cases and check-lists.


Ability to create a professionally looking wireframes, screen flows, content maps, model diagrams and more.

06 testimonial

I am thankful for all of my happy customers and employers I have worked with.

11 drop a line

So, you have ideas for a great new mobile or OS X app or want to improve the existing one? I can turn those ideas into reality. I'd love to hear from you! Why not contact me?